About Mayer

Our Story

Our story begins in 1987. Founded in Singapore, Mayer Marketing has since grown into a leading distributor of quality home and kitchen appliances. In 2012, Mayer Marketing are officially acquired by KHIND Holding Berhad.

Following the acquisition, the company set new directions and is dedicated to sourcing for our house labels, Mayer and Mistral, we also bring in reputable brands such as Aqua Optima, and Honeywell. Our philosophy is to source for brands and products that are stylish, reliable, durable and reasonably priced for the discerning customer.

At the heart of our company is a strong social movement. We want to bring fun, innovation and excitement back to kitchens. We aspire to make home cooking a household activity that people enjoy doing, from everyday cooks to professional chefs! Through our dedicated, consistent efforts over the years, Mayer Marketing has grown from strength to strength, into a brand trusted by customers as a provider of quality home and kitchen appliances.

Our Values

At the heart of Mayer Marketing is a set of core values that inspire us towards excellence.

Kindness We believe in doing good for our customers and community. We deliver products of exceptional quality and value, and events that contribute positively to our community.
Harmony We place a strong emphasis on working and growing together as a team.
Interesting We go beyond expectations to organise interesting events and experiences that customers appreciate and remember.
Novelty We enjoy surprising our customers and community with innovative products that revolutionise the kitchen. Our novel ideas bring excitement back to home cooking.
Development Self-development is an essential part of who we are. Our team is dedicated to improving both professionally and personally, so we can continue to serve our customers with quality products, services and events.


We Deliver Happiness. We aspire for every home and kitchen to have a Mayer product where the heart of the home is, the kitchen – where the family is connected.


We aspire to develop Quality & Innovative products that foster family relationships through a commonly shared interest in cooking.